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Welcome to Mascot Forum

Mascot Forum is launched to catapult academic aspirations. High standards and quality education are its hallmarks. It aims to render its educational obligations commensurate with great expectations of students and the high standards of premier universities abroad.

The Forum has outstanding faculty members who have wealth of experience in teaching and content writing. Their guidance and pedagogic skills have metamorphosed the Forum into an institution par excellence.

By now the Forum has established perfect credentials as the reliable institution to address and deliver various forum requirements of aspirants willing to study overseas.

Our training facilities are tailored to suit their personal priorities and preferences. Other than running routine batches for general students at our center and doing write-ups etc, we also undertake personal classes online or at your doorstep.


Why Mascot Forum?

One of the major tasks foremost on our mind is straightening out the lack of sound basics in English and mathematics among certain students.

While IELTS and TOEFL assess only English language skills, GMAT, GRE and SAT require good proficiency in both mathematics and English or rather a higher level to obtain a good score and get admission in a prestigious university.

If your level, in either of the two subjects, is below the mark, you lag behind, though you could otherwise be an intelligent student. To bridge this vacuum, our Forum runs specialist courses which act as the go-between in improving basics on mathematics and English.

Not only this, those who are concerned about their being behind whilst studying in the school and wish to make up for their shortcomings by the time they graduate high school, our Forum lends special support to such students through private tuitions for better school results with emphasis on competence in the two subjects.

We believe that probably it’s the right step at the right time to take on future academic challenges