Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is a creation of Pearson Language Tests part of the Pearson PLC group and endorsed by GMAC® (Graduate Management Admission Council), the owners of GMAT® (Graduate Management Admission Test).

Like IELTS or TOEFL, it’s another test serving the same purpose of checking the proficiency of English language among non-native English speakers willing to study abroad.

It is accepted by many universities in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand etc.

PTE is a fully computer-based test and the candidates do all the sections of reading, listening, speaking and writing in one sitting that lasts for 3 hours.

The exam dates can sometimes be obtained 24 hours in advance and the results are available in 5 working days or even earlier.

Candidates can send their scores to any number of institutes without paying any extra charges.

Usually, the institutes selected by the candidate can retrieve scores online within 48 hours.

PTE’s different sections contain a number of combinations together such as listening and speaking, reading and writing, listening and writing, listening and reading.

In speaking candidates have to start speaking as soon as the microphone bar starts from the left and finish before it ends at the right. There will be no recording after the stopping of the bar.

If a candidate doesn’t speak longer than 3 seconds, the recording stops and recording does not happen again.


PTE Test Components

Speaking and Writing –Assesses communication skills in the following ways-

  • Reading Text AloudMascot Forum
  • Repeating a sentence
  • Describing An Image
  • Retelling a Lecture
  • Answering short questions
  • Summarizing a text
  • Writing an essay

Reading–Evaluates reading skills through

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Re-ordering Paragraphs
  • Filling Blanks in a text

Listening –Measures listening abilities by virtue of

  • Summarizing spoken text
  • Multiple Choice Questions based on recording
  • Fill blanks in a transcript based on recording
  • Writing a dictation


PTE Academic Structure

The test is divided into 3 timed sections, 1 short untimed introduction, and an optional 10-minute break.

Sections Allotted Time
Introduction Un-timed
Speaking and Writing 77- 93 minutes
Reading 32 – 41 minutes
Optional Break 10 minutes
Listening 45 – 57 minutes

The test is divided into 3 timed sections, 1 short untimed introduction, and an optional 10-minute break.

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The Mascot Edge

  • Outstanding faculty members.Mascot Forum
  • 6 Weeks Coaching.
  • 4 Classes a Week.
  • Complimentary books with CDs.
  • Rich Reference Library.
  • Flexible Class schedules to suit students’ convenience.
  • Expert strategies on each section to crack the stumbling blocks Superb guidance on.
  • Pronunciation and understanding native accent.
  • Emphasis on diction for better speaking and Writing abilities.
  • Regular Mock Tests to evaluate and improve performance.
  • One on one attention and doubt clearing.
  • Assistance in Registration for Exam Dates.