Mascot Forum provides Online Classes. Online classes begin with a Diagnostic Test and the mentor proceeds to tailor a study plan most suitable for your individual requirements. The timings of these classes are flexible and planned to fit in your busy schedule even before or after business hours.

An online class is just like a classroom teaching in the institute with the added comfort of your convenience and home environment.  They are designed to shape tomorrow’s winners which include the following salient features:


* Extensive guidance on Vocab Building

* Study material constantly improved to enable students to give their best shots.

* Expert tips on improving Reading Comprehension skills.

* Regular tests to track down weak areas and crack them.

* Managing phobias like nervousness, hesitation, anxiety, stress etc.

* Our alumni come from prestigious universities of Delhi and outside.


A good number of students find online classes are very convenient and fruitful. Many have already benefited from our online teaching and headed on to their professional success.

Online coaching, we have two programs Regular and Fast Track. The Regular Program consists of 3 classes a week. The Fast Track comprises 3 hours class daily which can be of longer or shorter duration depending on the urgency or the situation the student has to deal with. For further details contact us or just give us a call.


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