GRE, the Graduate Record Examination, is a standard test that assesses student’s verbal reasoning, quantitative ability, and analytical writing skills.

It is conducted by “Educational Testing Service” (ETS), which works under the direction of the Graduate Record Examination Board.

Most Graduate Schools in the US except business schools ask for GRE score as a factor of potential merit in a candidate aspiring for higher studies.

Even in the few universities where GRE score is not the condition for admission, its good score puts a candidate in good stead to succeed well in the visa interview.

GRE is a computer-based test and is about 3 hours and 45 minutes long.

In the exam, every student gets a different set of questions and the score is out of 340 in 1-point increment.

AWA section grades are separate from 0-6 in 0.5 increments. In India, the Test is held all the year round from Monday to Friday in different cities. One can appear for the Test with a gap of 21 days from the previous attempt but one cannot take the Test more than 5 times a year.

A candidate can also cancel his score and the canceled score does not appear on the score report.

The universities do not come to know about it and the student has the advantage of retaking the Test after 21 days.

If unfortunately, the score of the second attempt is lower than the first one, the canceled score can be reinstated within 60 days on a payment of $60. In case of appearing in the Test, more than once without cancellation, the universities generally consider the best score.

The fee for GRE test is $195 which comes to about Indian Rs.14000/-. The fee should better be paid online at the time of registration.

On canceling the registration 4 days ahead of the Test, half of the amount is refunded but no money is paid after the expiry of this period. For this reason, students should rather reschedule than cancel the date.

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  • Assistance in Registration for the Examination.
  • Complementary Text Books with CDs.
  • Admission counseling & Shortlisting of preferred colleges.
  • Drafting of write-ups SoPs, LoRs, Resumes, and Essays etc.